Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

Application of microorganisms plays an important role in pharmaceuticals, food, bioremediation, etc. For companies or start-ups interested in industrial applications but only at the “minimally viable product” or “proof-of-concept” stage, need to translate concepts or lab results into commercial use cases. Panlabs has rich professional experiences in microbial R&D and has built microbial core technologies to conduct product-oriented developments and assist customers to achieve the goal of industrial production. As shown in the figure below, we provide an integrated technology platform for microbial application development from upstream to downstream manufacturing processes. This one-stop development model for microbial applications has the advantages of better success rate, shorter R&D time, and cost saving. Combining our resources from a microbial library with more than 20,000 strains and 45+ years of experience, we provide flexible, efficient and optimal customized solutions to meet customer’s needs.

Besides contract R&D, Panlabs also welcomes collaborative development.

Microbial Library

Panlabs is a leading company dedicated to microbial development, with a rich and diverse collection of nearly 10,000 fungi and 10,000 Actinomycetes from around the world in our library. We leverage our professional knowledge and technology to provide the most promising natural products and services across various fields, including medicine, agriculture, nutraceutical, cosmetics, environmental protection, and others. If you are interested in Panlabs’s library, please feel free to contact us anytime. We look forward to collaborating with you to create a better future!

Enzyme Improvement

We provide two ways for enzyme improvement:
1. To select and get more efficient enzymes from Panlabs’ microbial library.
2. Through directed evolution, establish the mutation library and then screen enzymes with better activity, stability, and heat sensitivity.

ADC Payload-Linker

Panlabs has developed a variety of small-molecule drugs and provide them to interested partners for testing with different cancer cells. We also provide products of cleavable-linker drugs and non-cleavable linker drugs, which can be used for co-development with interested companies.