Provide customer with time-saving, labor-saving and cost-saving scale-up production services

After being commissioned by our customers, Panlabs selects suitable fermentation plants to accomplish the customer's commercial production needs. We have a very close partnership with local fermentation plants and have successful pilot production tests and launched production in the past. As for the fermentation factory with which has a partnership, the fermentation tank scale ranges from 500 L to 50,000 L, and according to the characteristics of the fermentation factories, they can produce products in the fields of medicine, food, agriculture, biotechnology, and environmental protection.

During the scale-up production process, Panlabs takes the role of project management and technical support to solve production problems, so that the process of strain, fermentation production, purification and recovery, and semi-synthesis of derivative can be smoothly transferred to the outsourcing manufacturer for mass production. We believe that our scale-up service model not only guarantees the success of commercial production, but also has the advantages of time and cost effectiveness to meet the customers' product requirements.

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