Dowmstream process

Dowmstream process
Provide customized purification and recovery services, design small-scale processes (gram-level) and process optimization. Then we scales up (kg-level) and optimize the process through the third-party manufacturer to achieve industrial production.

Panlabs provides customers with a recovery and purification method that can be scaled up for production by using the following process.

Extract Whole Broth
Partition by solvent
Resin adsorption and desorption
Evaporation and precipitation
Normal phase column purification
Reverse phase(C18) column purification
Vacuum drying

Panlabs provides a series of single operating units, such as extraction, concentration, resin adsorption and desorption, column purification, crystallization, etc.

Combine these different units to maximize the recovery rate, and obtain an efficient purification and recovery process.
Assist in converting lab-scale process to industrial-scale process.

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